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What are the different styles of knitted vests?

Knitted vests come in a variety of styles, each with its unique features and design elements. Here are some of the different styles of knitted vests:
Classic V-Neck Vest: This is the most common style of knitted vest. It features a V-shaped neckline and is often made with ribbed hems and edges. It can be worn casually or as part of a more formal outfit.
Cable-Knit Vest: Cable-knit vests feature a textured pattern created by crossing stitches over each other, resembling cables. This style adds depth and visual interest to the vest.
Fair Isle Vest: Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique that incorporates multiple colors to create intricate and often symmetrical patterns. Fair Isle vests are known for their colorful and eye-catching designs.
Argyle Vest: Argyle is another classic pattern often seen in knitted vests. It consists of diamond-shaped patterns in two or more contrasting colors, usually with a diagonal overlay.
Turtleneck Vest: Turtleneck vests have a high, folded collar that covers the neck. They provide extra warmth and can be a stylish choice for colder weather.
Chunky Knit Vest: Chunky knit vests are typically made with thick, bulky yarns and larger needles, resulting in a cozy, textured look. They are perfect for staying warm in the winter months.
Longline Vest: Longline vests are longer in length, often reaching below the hips. They can be worn as a statement piece or as a layering item over dresses or long tops.
Hooded Vest: Some knitted vests come with attached hoods, adding an extra layer of warmth and a casual, sporty vibe to the design.
Buttoned Vest: Buttoned vests have buttons or a zipper down the front, making them easy to put on and take off. They can be styled open or closed.
Crop Vest: Crop vests are shorter in length and often stop above the waist. They can be a trendy addition to high-waisted pants or skirts.
Ribbed Vest: Ribbed vests are characterized by vertical ribbing patterns that create a stretchy and form-fitting texture. They are both comfortable and stylish.
Boho or Bohemian Vest: These vests often feature fringe, tassels, or lace detailing, giving them a boho, free-spirited look. They are great for festival and summer outfits.
Textured Stitch Vest: Some vests incorporate unique textured stitches or patterns, such as seed stitch, basketweave, or moss stitch, to create visual interest.
Embroidered or Embellished Vest: These vests may have decorative embroidery, beads, sequins, or other embellishments for added flair and personality.
Custom or Hand-Knit Vest: Hand-knit vests can be customized with specific patterns, colors, and details to suit the wearer's preferences and style.
When choosing a knitted vest, consider the occasion, season, and your personal style preferences to find the perfect one for your wardrobe. Each style offers its own unique charm and versatility.