SY104 White College Style Long Sleeve Lapel Casual Wool Knit Sweater Custom

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SY104 White College Style Long Sleeve Lapel Casual Wool Knit Sweater





Yarn Composition

 100% Wool

  • Made from soft all-wool yarn, this jumper is warm and cosy with superior quality. The

    The long sleeves are perfect for cooler weather, ensuring you stay cosy without losing style. The lapel collar also adds an interesting detail, giving this jumper a more 'collegiate' feel than traditional designs.

    Simple and versatile, this jumper can be worn with jeans, trousers or a bustier. Whether you're heading to class, partying with friends or exploring the city, the White College Style Long Sleeve Lapel Casual Wool Knit Sweater is a versatile and stylish choice that effortlessly blends comfort and fashion. 

Product description

SY104 Lapel Casual Wool Knit Sweater uses a lapel design to add a sense of fashion to the sweater, making it look more refined and elegant. Lapels can add some unique details to a simple knitted sweater and enhance the overall look. Lapel collar sweaters are suitable for many occasions, whether casual or formal. The lapel design is suitable for both business environment and daily casual wear, and has high practicality. SY104 long sleeved lapel casual wool knit sweater has excellent thermal performance. Long sleeves can cover and protect the arms well, prevent cold air from directly contacting the skin, and effectively maintain body temperature. The wool fibers of this casual wool knit sweater are highly breathable, effectively absorbing and releasing excess moisture. Wool fibers have good softness and elasticity, making 100% wool knitted sweaters very comfortable to wear. In addition, wool fibers are naturally wrinkle-resistant, helping to maintain the shape of clothing.


Jiaxing Shuangni Clothing Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Shuangni Clothing Co., Ltd is dedicated to the development and production of all kinds of knitting. As professional China custom SY104 White College Style Long Sleeve Lapel Casual Wool Knit Sweater suppliers and OEM/ODM company, we offer custom SY104 White College Style Long Sleeve Lapel Casual Wool Knit Sweater for sale at wholesale price. The company is based in a sweater fashion town, a well-known Chinese sweater town in Asia: Tongxiang Puyuan, the company can produce 3.5.7 needles, 3-pin, 7-pin, 16-pin and other types of sweaters, from autumn and winter thick sweater jackets to spring and summer vests and air-conditioning sweaters, with an annual output of 700,000 pieces.

We have a professional clothing development team and technical staff, there are more than 100 samples in the independent exhibition hall, which can provide customers with directional development, sample design, drawing and proofing, processing and OEM production, and provide high-quality supply chains for online and offline customers.In addition, we also provide high-quality sofa fabrics and curtain fabrics for everyone, with various styles, there is always one suitable for you, or we can also provide customized services according to your needs.

Jiaxing Shuangni Clothing Co., Ltd.

Why choose us

  • We have a professional R&D team to provide customers with directional development, drawing samples, processing OEM, etc. Our showroom changes new products according to different seasons. Now we have hundreds of new samples to provide customers with better choices.

  • Each link of our SY104 White College Style Long Sleeve Lapel Casual Wool Knit Sweater products has special quality inspection personnel to check the three quality inspection personnel from the quality inspection of the woven piece to the ready-made garment.

  • Our relevant technicians have professional industry experience for at least 5 years. We provide customers with professional documentary technicians to provide customers with efficient and worry-free services, and proofing is accurate and fast.

  • Our factory is strategically located in the largest wool sweater production town in the country. With sufficient SY104 White College Style Long Sleeve Lapel Casual Wool Knit Sweater raw yarn inventory, we can better cooperate with customers to produce samples in 3 days and large goods in 7 days.

Don't hesitate to contact when you need us!






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